I was born and raised in California by my parents who raised me with strong Christian values as they both have their Master’s in Divinity. I strongly believe the slogan “need needs no season.” Through my life I have seen my father give his time to help others with their car problems. My father used to be a mechanic in his twenties, but now about 40 years he still finds himself stopping to help friends and strangers with their car problems. At the time I did not understand why; I was the just the kid that held the light. It was not until high school when I started to volunteer at a hospital that I started to understand the values he was teaching me. I believe it is just about doing the right thing.

Over the years I have volunteered at several organizations and began work in public service. I enjoy public service and not because it’s a way to give as much as I can back to the community, but for me, to live life to its fullest. While there are many ways for people to show concern and share with others, public service work is unique in its ability to help us learn and develop new, unselfish thoughts and behaviors.

One of my goals is to help others in any way that I can. In 2015 my mother was called to Heaven on Easter Sunday. She gave her life to helping and educating children. She showed me the joy one can have while helping others through the talents and gifts you have. My motivation to help others is an intrinsic drive. I know that I have a giving heart, diverse education and experience to represent the Senate District D as a conservative voice. I know that being raised in a stable home by a mother and a father is an incredible privilege but, unfortunately, one that is increasingly rare. I believe that strong families are the core of Alaska’s greatness: Without strong families, Alaska’s strong values will not endure, and the American Dream will disappear.