I have been an Alaskan for the past 16 years and a Wasilla resident for the past 8 years. I am married to a lifelong Alaskan who grew up on the Lower Yukon River. I love living in the Mat-Su Valley and hope to have your support in my candidacy for Alaska State Senate seat D. I currently work as a Director for a local non-profit agency that believes in seeking family solutions to individual problems, I serve on the Wasilla City Council, and served as Chairperson on the Mat-Su Borough’s Board of Ethics. I feel that my expertise and education — having degrees in education and psychology and a master’s degree in business administration — will be an asset to the State Senate.

Some of my priorities include:

•  A quality educational system that prepares children for tomorrow’s workplace regardless of race, wealth or geographical location

•  I am against Common Core and believe that Alaska and its local communities should have complete autonomy in education decision making.

•  Public Safety

•  Passing a reasonable balanced budget while being fiscally conservative

•  I believe that the State of Alaska has a lot of wasteful spending in many areas of government and most significant in the Department of Health and Social Services. In the past few years the State budget has been out of control with the current legislators knowing that they would not be able to maintain that level of spending.

•  The PFD is great responsibility for our legislators to protect. It is a greater responsibility to protect it for the next generation. Our generation is failing in this regard as the future of the PFD is now in jeopardy. We must look for other options to fix the budget and additional taxes for Alaskans should be off the table until we have a leaner government.

•  Development of Alaska’s LNG

•  A smaller efficient government