The success of our communities and the long-term survival of our culture depends on the strength of our families. Promoting legislation and policies that support our families will ensure a bright and healthy future for all of Alaska.

That means protecting life, growing and strengthening our economy and job market, ensuring a strong affordable health care system, and protecting the rights and liberties of all Alaskans to live freely.

Some of my priorities include:

Behavioral Health – It is time to rethink how our public safety, social services, and health care communities respond to individuals with behavioral health issues. With demand for mental health and substance abuse services on the rise, we need to identify creative ways to more efficiently and effectively allocate resources. There is a growing need for coordination among law enforcement and health care professionals to help properly treat individuals suffering from behavioral health issues and provide access to quality care, ensuring funds are used to provide effective treatment.

Economic Development – A strong economy means a healthy future for Alaska. We have abundant natural resources, a trained workforce, and developed transportation routes. I look forward to making sure our region remains competitive in economic development and job creation by continuing to advocate for responsible investments in infrastructure and Alaska’s future.

Education – As we continue to look forward to the future for our state, we need to recognize that education must be a top priority in order to empower and equip our young people for the jobs of the future. When increases in school funding are directed to places other than teacher pay and classroom needs, too many schools remain below average. It is imperative that we continue working to put students first in classroom funding. We must encourage our most successful schools to grow and expand, and use their model to lift under performing schools to greater success.

Limited Government – I was raised to value hard work and personal responsibility. I understand that the government is not the solution to most problems and can sometimes even be the cause. I will support common sense reforms that reduce burdensome regulations and increased accountability and transparency in government.

PFD – Legislators have a great responsibility to protect the PFD of today. They have an even greater responsibility to protect it for the next generation. Our generation is failing, as the future of the PFD is in jeopardy. We have many options to reform and fix the budget. Additional taxes for Alaskans, including PFD cuts, should be off the table until we have a leaner government.